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Personalized copy of the Readers' Favorite Five-Star Book


Don’t expect to find any hidden gems at this junk sale.

In author and journalist Patrick Lombardi’s debut book, tales get twisted and encounters get heated. This collection features more than a dozen humorous short stories and nonfiction essays. Lombardi has crafted a hilarious adventure into his own little world, where a man finds love while committing burglary, a fresh college graduate does his best not to get hired, and a bitter server verbally abuses his guests. From hopeless romantics to simply insane travelers, Lombardi captures a range of engaging personalities that will have you convulsing in laughter.

So buckle up for a chaotic ride of stories that live up to their collective title. Junk Sale is bound to make you laugh so hard you’ll cry—or cry so hard you’ll laugh. Either way, you’ll cry. Isn’t that the point of humor?


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All copies come with complimentary bookmarks and stickers. If you would like your copy unsigned, please indicate in inscription field.


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Junk Sale: Stories & Essays

PriceFrom $9.95
  • "Junk Sale attests to the author's keen observation of people without being a busybody. Brutal honesty is what he is going for in writing this book." — Vincent Dublado, Readers' Favorite


    "Full of razor-sharp wit and driven by a hyper-contemporary voice, Junk Sale by Patrick Lombardi is a wickedly smart and hilarious collection of short stories and essays." — Self-Publishing Review


    "A refreshing take on an old short story theme... [E]very tale has a sense of ironic humour that makes you want to read the next story to see what this guy is going to come up with next." — Gordon A. Long, Airborn Press


    "The common thread in each entry is a large dose of humor." — Matthew Schuman, Inside Corrections

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